New WordPress stuff to look forward to

I’ve been hard at work these past couple of weeks putting together several new WordPress goodies for everyone. I’m pretty excited about some of the results I’m getting with the work I’ve been doing. Here are some things to look forward to this month…

New Design: Retro-fitted

Well. It’s done. It took me a few days and several complete redos of the entire design, but I think I’m finally content with this new theme. I call it Retro-fitted because the colors are a kind of throwback to some past that I certainly didn’t live in.

New forums for my site

I finally decided to create a message board for this site, which I’ll mostly use for WordPress theme support. Right now, it’s entirely experimental, and I want to know what you think. Check out the forums. After a lot of nagging from users of the Structure theme and finally getting … Continue reading →

A new theme for a new year

Here it is. My completely (I mean somewhere near complete) new theme. I’m still not sure what I think about it or how comfortable I am with it. Change is hard sometimes. I’ve struggled with what elements I wanted to include for hours tonight, trying to get something to work … Continue reading →

Changes: Some things to expect in the coming year

I recently came down with some sort of sickness, which is why I haven’t continued my regular posting schedule after the holidays. This is around the fourth time I’ve been sick since I’ve moved to Korea. It probably has something to do with the air pollution, cooler climate, spending a … Continue reading →

Wishing you a happy holiday season

I wanted to put up a quick post to see how everything is going for my readers. I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. I spent several hours on the Web cam with my family while they opened presents on Christmas. It was a neat experience seeing most … Continue reading →

Breaking the Technorati top 10K with free advertising

What’s that? Free advertising? Tell me more. In honor of this site’s venture into the Technorati top 10,000 blogs, I’m kicking off my new advertising campaign. I’m giving away 2 - 3 advertising spots for free. Currently, I’m using AdSense in the far right sidebar. This is where the new … Continue reading →

October 2007: Creating A Better Blog

October has been a big month for me. I’ve tried to take my blogging, coding, and designing skills to the next level, and I think I’ve accomplished this. I hit quite a few goals, blogged on a regular basis, and learned a lot about creating a better blog with valuable … Continue reading →

Back From Spring Break & A New Theme

So, I’m finally getting around to blogging this week. Yes, it’s been a long absence, and I know I said I’d be back on Monday or Tuesday. I actually did come home on Tuesday, but I’ve been lazier than I’ve ever been this week. I have accomplished a few things … Continue reading →