Ethnography, The Gatekeepers, & Creek Hill

Another day gone by. Another late night. It’s definitely time for me to go to bed. I worked on my ethnography project for a couple of hours tonight, and I was completely ticked off by something I had forgotten to do. I had saved my work on the Peavy family … Continue reading →

Chapter 5: Going Back

You know what? I’m up to 12,753 words in my novel! Okay, not that exciting, but I’m getting there. Tonight I will be posting up Chapter 5: Going Back, for you to read. Keep in mind, as always, the grammar and sentence structure may be a bit shaky, and try … Continue reading →

Another Useless Post On A Useless Site

And Bla Bla Bla. My mind has been completely drained. Maybe I just need a week of good, solid rest. I’ve almost made the site completely XHTML. That’s right. And I’ve cleaned out some of the PHP involved with integrating the Wordpress into my site. I think the code runs … Continue reading →

Chapter 4: The Last Night Of Their Lives

That’s right! Brand new chapter awaiting. I made it somewhere around 3,000 words. I know, I know, the chapters are kind of short at the moment. But this one had to be. It is a flashback to a high school party and…Well, I don’t want to give it all away. … Continue reading →

Independent, Free, & Wild

What a night! Let me tell you! I have been writing on my novel for the most part of it. I rewrote Chapter one into a first-person point of view. I completely erased half of Chapter 2 and finished it up. Then, I capped off a good 2,500 words on … Continue reading →

Coffee Or No Coffee, I Will Write Like A Madman

Where has the time gone? I have spent 6 hours of my night reading away at Ian McEwan’s Atonement and Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. And, I still haven’t finished the reading assigment for either one of them. Forty more pages in McEwan’s novel and 60 in King’s. I don’t even … Continue reading →

Greg Campbell

You know what? I forgot to blog last night. I remembered putting together a draft, but I forgot to post it. So just read the next chapter in my novel. I think it’s a pretty good chapter. I’m starting to get some ideas now about where to go with the … Continue reading →

Creek Hill

Okay, I really need to go to bed tonight. It’s just been a short weekend. My mom decided to come up Friday afternoon to visit because of a miscommunication between her and my sister. Which, in turn, led her to believe that this was the weekend that she was supposed … Continue reading →

The Tater Creek Driveway

I was going to wait until later to post, since I usually post right before I go to bed. It kind of gives me closure for the day. I can say all the things I need to say, and get it all off of my mind. But, I wanted to … Continue reading →

There Goes Lucy In The Sky With Her Diamonds

I have so much I can write tonight, but I don’t want to fill up the entire page with useles rant when I have an even more useless 2 chapters of my novel I’m writing for the National Novel Writing Month. And let me tell you what a load of … Continue reading →