Okay Mr. Pudgy, We Can Go Now

I have finished my first chapter for the National Novel Writing Month. I was going to do The Great Southern American Novel, but instead, I’ve came up with something totally different. I had an idea earlier this afternoon and thought I should just go with it. So, I did just … Continue reading →

By Golly, I Will Write

Man, I didn’t realize how late it was. I’ve been sitting here for a while working on my style sheet for this site. Basically, I have been tidying up the CSS with comments, changing the capital letters to lowercase letters, and organizing the code into a more readable state. I’m … Continue reading →

1,666.666666666666667 Words A Day

Sunday morning. Thermostat set to 65°, while the cool October morning settles itself in at around 41° in Auburn, Alabama… Okay, I’m not going to post about the weather. I’m trying to get in a distinctive writing mode for the National Novel Writing Month. On November 1, 2005, I plan … Continue reading →

Dark Circles, NaNoWriMo, & More Reconstruction

Yes, it is well past my bedtime. The words on my monitor are becoming blurry. Well, they are blurry. I wish I had my web camera up and working. Hell, I don’t even know where it is. I want to show the dark circles forming around my eyes. Lack of … Continue reading →

An October Cold Front

I Wanna Be An October Cold Front I wanna blow wind gustsIn children’s inner lobes,I wanna make fire crackle and smokeFly out the roof, boil hot cocoa on the stoveI wanna brown leavesLeaving stains, after it rains, on the patio,I wanna harden snot bubbles in nostrils,Redden eyes and clog throats. … Continue reading →

4 Full Pages & A Bible Thumper

I sit here, well past my bedtime and wonder if I should finish off my 5-6 page paper, the one that now stands at a full 4 pages, tonight or wait until I’m a little fresher, by way of a few hours of sleep, tomorrow. I’ll probably wait until tomorrow … Continue reading →

House of Hypocrites & Book Wish List

I have spent most of today in the library. What a waste? Maybe, maybe not. I finished about 1/4 (possibly) of my Gothic paper, and it’s due Thursday. The reason I am posting so early is, well, I’m taking a break from school, giving my brain a rest. And I … Continue reading →

Been There, Done That & Trailer Trash

Yep, I went to Six Flags this weekend! I guess I owe that a Blah Blah, Woof Woof! Okay, I won’t start doing that every other line or so. Well, I don’t know, I may make it my new slogan: BLAH BLAH, WOOF WOOF! I guess it really doesn’t fit … Continue reading →

Monotony, Deathbed, & The Flow Of Writing

Once again, another same-ol’-run-of-the-mill-montonous-average-day for Justin Tadlock. Good news? Last day of work at the library this week! Now, if that ain’t exciting I don’t know what is.Okay, so I went through my usual Wednesday routine: 7:30 - Crawl out of bed. 8:30 - Leave for school. 9:00 - Advanced … Continue reading →