August 2006

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One Class On Friday

I’m trying this new thing—going to bed at a decent hour. I actually got in bed a little after 9:00 last night. Of course, I won’t quite make that kind of timing tonight, but I’m about to get under the sheets. I do have good news. I only have one class on Friday. One class. […]

Somebody, Someday

I’m not much in a blogging mood tonight. However, I will leave you with my second exercise for Fiction Writing I. It’s not quite a full-blown short story, but it is little story you may enjoy. Somebody, Someday Athens, Alabama. I just stopped to get some coffee and go to the bathroom. I check my […]

A Coach, A Prayer, & A Forgotten Amendment

As I said last night, I wanted to comment on the article, Coach Had A Prayer. I’m not going to summarize the entire article right here. But, the gist of it calls into question whether a high school coach can pray with his team. The ruling decided was that Borden (the coach) can take a […]

Finished Amy’s Website

It was a long weekend, but I finished putting the pieces of Amy’s website together. I’m happy with the results of the design mostly. It has made me reconsider how I structure my website. So, I might have a lot of housecleaning to do if I decide to do a little restructuring. I guess I’m […]

Another Post About Site Problems

Okay, now my database seems to up and running fine. It did go down for a few minutes earlier tonight. It was enough minutes to make me go ahead and purchase a hosting account with Site5. I’m thinking of transferring my site to them, but I haven’t decided yet. I might just use it as […]