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  1. Darren Hoyt
    Darren Hoyt Published |

    Useful stuff – thanks!

  2. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Thanks Darren. Maybe you’ll implement this in one of your theme designs.

  3. det
    det Published |

    brilliant! i’m gonna try it, i was looking to create some sort of sideblog with videos!

  4. det
    det Published |

    i’m here again… is there a way to create a plugin with this?

    i know nothing about php and programming…

    thank you!!

  5. Alissa
    Alissa Published |

    Justin, have you ever had multiple videos in a player? I’m using your video block and I’d like to have a “next video” link underneath it so users can browse right on the home page. I’ve looked at wordpress’s next_post links and haven’t quite got them to work. Any ideas?

  6. Bill
    Bill Published |

    Well, I’ve tried twice to post the whole code but it doesn’t appear to be showing up.

  7. African safari vacations
    African safari vacations Published |

    It an interesting plugin. I would however appreciate it if someone could assist me in finding a similar plugin but one that would allow me to post mutiple videos on my African safari vacations blog.

  8. Mithila Mangedarage
    Mithila Mangedarage Published |

    Justin you are a very smart guy.I love the Structure and thanks for that.But why all the hard work when you can copy the URL from the address bar?

  9. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    You can’t just copy the URL from the address bar. It won’t play. The URL in the address bar is to a page. The URL in the embed code is to the video.

  10. Mithila Mangedarage
    Mithila Mangedarage Published |

    Thanks Justin,you saved a lot of trouble.I asked this on your other pages too,but my comment got lost amongst other comments by thankers.Is there any way to remove the “Example” page from the top page list?And how can I get other pages listed there too?You’ll see this if you see my blog,I can only have two pages and the example page which only leads to the same about page?Please help!

  11. GPSchnyder
    GPSchnyder Published |

    Any Idea how to get it working with Vimeo? They do a lot more Resolution, so I choose them to show my work.

  12. Thiago Prado
    Thiago Prado Published |

    I’ve tried everything and I couldn’t put video on my blog…

  13. Kirk
    Kirk Published |

    I’m pretty much a novice at this. I’d like to use the Video Tabs as demonstrated on your demo for the Options dark. After figuring out the Feature Gallery I thought I could figure the Video Tabs out but it ain’t working. I’ve successfully posted the videos to their individual posts, I categorized them under Video and tagged them Video. I don’t understand what or if I need to change anywhere else. Would you direct me to the answers to this quandary. I even successfully used the sidebar widget but I didn’t seem to learn anything that would help me in this instance. The Theme is great and I’m looking forward to getting it together! Thanks.

  14. Kirk
    Kirk Published |


  15. Technique
    Technique Published |

    Hi Justin.

    This is a great theme and rightly called Options because it can be used in so many different ways!

    Quick question… I want to have my videos so that in the main post they are the width that they would usually be in YouTube (425 px) but the default size in your theme. How would you recommend me going about this? Placing videos in the post in a div or span with a separate class? Perhaps by changing the following line in ‘single’ template

    if($video == true) echo $video;


    if($video == true) echo “”.$video.””;

    Please let me know if you think this would be appropriate.


  16. Technique
    Technique Published |


    Meant to be span tags inside of those brackets!

    if($video == true) echo "".$video."";

  17. Kristian
    Kristian Published |

    Can I just copy the video link in the widget?

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  19. toddplex » YouTube troubles in Firefox
  20. Keong
    Keong Published |

    I’ve tried exactly like your tutorial and I get this msg

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘ in ……sidebar.php on line 205

    Why is there an unexpected ‘<‘
    Anyway I can check which is line 205?

  21. MTB
    MTB Published |

    You tutorial is great. I used it on my site. Is it possible to integrate Brightcove videos using this technique. I’ve tried, but without luck. Thanks.

  22. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Hi justin,
    I working on a site for my wife and i get an error when i copy the code you provided.
    Error is as follows:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /lots of unnessesay info here/sidebar.php on line 45

    The entire code on the sidebar.php to show the videos looks like this:

    have_posts()) : $my_query->the_post(); 
    	// Get the "Video" custom field Key as an array (displays single Value in the video block)
    	$video = get_post_custom_values($key = 'Video'); 
    	<a href="" title="">
    	<div class="v video">
    <object type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” data=”” style=”width: 290px; height: 242px; border: none; padding: 0; margin: 0;” id=”video-block-”>
    	<param name=”movie” value=”” />
    	} // endif 
    	// If there is no Value for the custom field Key "Video"
    else {
    // echo error checking to check custom field errors
    	echo 'Did not add a video URL to the custom field  Key of "Video"';
    	echo '';
    	} // endelse

    Maybe you can get me a hint on what im doing wrong?

  23. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Okidoki, will do

  24. Jay McCarthy
    Jay McCarthy Published |

    I am having the same problem as kokkekniven is having above. I keep getting a Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘ in /home/thirbird/public_html/shopastylist.com/wp-content/themes/options/sidebar.php on line 77

    I cannot find the extra ‘<‘

    It would be very helpful to see the entire side bar code so I can copy and paste in where I’d like. Is that possible? I am using the Options theme and I am having problems. Thanks!

  25. Arkista
    Arkista Published |

    Thanks i use,

  26. Arvind
    Arvind Published |

    Thanks a lot. you save me today:D

  27. Adi
    Adi Published |

    Hi Justin, I have a problem using your code.
    Something is wrong, there only latest video appears in all post and also in front page.
    Can you tell me how to solve this problem??

  28. iPAS
    iPAS Published |

    Sweet ! .. Thank you very much.

  29. Movies
    Movies Published |

    Great piece of code thanks.

  30. SimonZ
    SimonZ Published |

    Thank you for that framework…

    i modified the section where the video is shown, cause I only add youtube videos. so I used the youtube-embed code an modified the value of the “Video”-key.

    Thak you! You helped me a lot

  31. Israel
    Israel Published |

    Hello Justin,

    I really tried from various plugins and I decided on her method, because of all that is was more appropriate to what I wanted on my site.

    Congratulations on the ability and knowledge divided us.

    Thank you.

  32. Viggo
    Viggo Published |

    I’m sorry, but i cannot add a video section to sidebar. I’m crying ;(

  33. tukang nggame
    tukang nggame Published |

    thank you has to share tips that make the more beautiful and I will try it now

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  35. Roxanne
    Roxanne Published |

    Adding video is cool!!! But I’m having some problems adding it to my blog.

  36. Rudy
    Rudy Published |

    I’m really happy find this tutorial… thank’s for your sharing.. 🙂

  37. ~Anonymous~
    ~Anonymous~ Published |

    Hey i have a question. How do you actually get widgets and stuff onto the sidebar? Because i cant get anything of my choice onto the sidebar apart from the things that is already apart of the wordpress website but i just cant get anything of my own. Can you please help me.

  38. Shane Strong
    Shane Strong Published |

    That really helped me thanks. If you would like to check some of our stuff out you can go to Chosen for more info. Thanks Again.

  39. Albert K.
    Albert K. Published |

    thanks, I could finally add a video to my sidebar without screwing the entire page lolz

  40. Shane
    Shane Published |

    Is it possible to pull the latest video from posts into the sidebar w/o having to key in the custom field? Thanks!

  41. Jay
    Jay Published |

    Hello, I am trying to get a flash video to play in the sidebar of my wordpress blog. No problem there, I just pasted the embed code from Flash into a text widget for the sidebar. It works on home, but when you get onto another blog page within the site, the video’s skin disappears. I read somewhere that it’s because the skin file needs to reside in the same directory as the “index.html” file. Well, obviously wordpress, because of permalinks, dynamically creates virtual directories that don’t exist. therefore the skin file can’t just be duplicated into a directory that is not there… How can I solve this problem?


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  43. Niv
    Niv Published |

    for some reason the movie is not displaying on the home page, but in every other page it does…

    Any idea?

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  45. alex
    alex Published |


    Is it possible to add a video and playlist in a fixed page themplate??

    something like

    $mainVid= get_post_meta($post->ID, 'video', true);
    $playlist = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'playlist', true);
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  47. KyleHelps
    KyleHelps Published |

    A lot more than I was expecting! Is there an existing plug-in or could this be made into a plug-in? The instructions are clear but code intimidates most contemporary bloggers.

  48. slobjones
    slobjones Published |

    Justin, you mentioned that you have updated this code and apparently placed it somewhere in the forums.

    Would you provide a link to the forum thread where the update appears?

    Thank you.

  49. Estelle Kiora
    Estelle Kiora Published |

    Hi Justin, stumbled upon your post, great stuff! Problem, my Wordpress new post menu says “Add New Post” and I cannot find any “custom field” at all – according to you, at the bottom of the “Write Post” screen there is a section labeled “Custom Fields.”

    Is this by chance only for Wordpress.org or self-hosted users? 🙁 I am currently using wordpress.com. My blogsite is loveyouwrongtime.wordpress.com. Please let me know if there’s a way I can embed the youtube widget into my blog, I would be so grateful!

  50. matt
    matt Published |

    Great post. Thanks Justin!

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  52. Yogesh
    Yogesh Published |

    Thanks for sharing as I was looking for this and found the perfect solution here.

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