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  1. techiezone
    techiezone Published |

    I have done exactly what you have told here. But when I publish the page, I just get the Author as page title and nothing is shown…

  2. techiezone
    techiezone Published |

    Justin it does show other authors detaisl except admin. And I am admin here. I created a new user with riole as author and it is showing the detaisl on the page.

  3. BoltClock
    BoltClock Published |

    You continue to rock all the time. I’m sure Project M will be the next big WordPress thing soon at this rate.

    I don’t think I’ll be making use of this technique anytime soon though. I don’t yet run a multi-author blog, but if I do launch a webcomic with my friend sometime later this year or the next, this will definitely come in useful.

    Bookmarked in del.icio.us!

  4. IndieLab
    IndieLab Published |

    Great tutorial. I run a multi-blog site and I was just thinking of how to display “The Team” that’s behind the site. Now I know, thanks!

  5. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |

    Thanks Justin, very useful tutorial. I was eagerly following the series “Doing more with Gravatars” and found them really helpful.

    I’m planning to run a multi-author blog next year and this will be a great reference.

    $curauth = get_userdata($author);

    Loll, so do you mean I can display the entire profile contents? Can I add additional hooks such as author posts and author comments on that certain blog?

  6. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |

    Justin, I like your ideas, man.

    The only limit of Implementing Gravatars with WordPress theme might be the sky limit.

  7. Jenny
    Jenny Published |

    nifty. i’m gonna try this out.

  8. techiezone
    techiezone Published |

    Thanks a lot Justin.

  9. Thomas Clausen
    Thomas Clausen Published |

    Does it matter if I created all the users, because I’m just getting my own picture + bio as many times as I have authors.

    Other than that, it seems cool 🙂

  10. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    I’ve done as requested 🙂

  11. Patrick Sweeney
    Patrick Sweeney Published |

    Great tutorial, I just found your site and will definitely be coming back….I really like your writing style.

    I am going to add a link to this article and your site on my blog.

  12. Create an Authors Template | blackleafmedia
  13. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    I think there is an extra “=” in the line below:

    “// If user level is above 0 or login name is “admin”, display profile”

    I removed it and then the admin author showed up for me.

  14. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    this is an awesome tutorial, but I am using the register plug plugin to extend the user fields, maybe you can show us also how to get those fields into the authors page too? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/register-plus/

    Also a little help to get some stats about a user would be great, either using built in wp functions, i.e. numer of posts written, or number of comments , anything you can think of. otherwise maybe combining this with the wp stats plugin of lesterchan? http://lesterchan.net/portfolio/programming/php/#wp-stats

  15. Christopher Anderton
    Christopher Anderton Published |

    There are also another way to show a avatar without using the Gravatar service.

    <img src="/wp-content/themes/yourtheme/avatars/.jpg" height="95" width="95" alt="" />

  16. Christopher Anderton
    Christopher Anderton Published |

    Addenum. The avatar file must be named exactly the same as the user login name.
    The PHP code was stripped in my last comment.
    See: http://www.matblogg.se/avatar_local.jpg

  17. Multiple Authors Bio Page - DIY Themes Forums
  18. Joseph
    Joseph Published |

    This is fantastic!

    I’ve implemented this successfully, but i’m listed right at the top (because i’m the admin). Is there anyway for the admin to be listed with the other authors alphabetically?

  19. cyberfly
    cyberfly Published |

    hi..i cannot find any page templates section..just page parent on top of page order

  20. vil
    vil Published |

    nice tutorial. Thank you very much..

  21. Travis
    Travis Published |

    Hey Justin,
    Quick question…..how would you go about excluding the “admin” user from your query? I don’t mind showing people with admin privileges, but just want to hide the one “admin” user.

  22. BarCampSDK » Blog Archive » Getting a list of registered users on your blog
  23. Ari Perry
    Ari Perry Published |

    Great Work,
    you have been a saviour a few times…

  24. Mike
    Mike Published |


    I am also wondering the same thing. What I did try dident work. I am not a progammer so I am thinking there has to be a relatively easy solution.

    By the way thanks for a great tutorial, I searched high and low for something that would explain the author page. I was able to get the job done with this. Now if I can only get a couple of authors to join…

  25. Travis
    Travis Published |


    The solution I came up with was simply deleting the “admin” user altogether. You can do this if you have and are logged in as any other user.

    Give that a try, if you don’t require an admin user.

  26. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Thanks for the idea. I dident know you could remove the admin, but when you think about it, who really needs an admin? Why bother with two accounts, when you can just have your own account with admin privileges.

  27. Andrea
    Andrea Published |

    Quick question: Would this exclude those set to ‘contributor’ as they do not have author privileges? I need to include both authors and contributors and treat them both as authors for the purpose of the author page. The only difference between them, for our site’s purposes, is editorial review prior to publishing.

    Thanks for the clarification.

  28. Andrea
    Andrea Published |

    Oh, and thanks for the tutorial! This is going to come in handy. 🙂

  29. bitkahuna
    bitkahuna Published |

    Travis, you can also fix this by editing one line of code:


    if($curauth->user_level > 0 || $curauth->user_login == ‘admin’) :


    if($curauth->user_level > 0 && $curauth->user_login != ‘admin’) :

  30. Katherine
    Katherine Published |

    Thanks for this.

    Just a tip to anyone who wants to exclude not only the admin user but also certain specified other users too (as I did). You can do this by amending the query as below, entering an array of user ids to be excluded:

    $query = “SELECT ID, user_nicename from $wpdb->users WHERE ID NOT IN (1,19,23) ORDER BY user_nicename”;

    1. hoss9009
      hoss9009 Published |

      I’m getting a syntax error w/ your “WHERE ID NOT IN” like.

      1. Ruth
        Ruth Published |

        hoss9009 it’s the curly brackets from Katherine’s code… replace with ” around and it works perfectly

  31. Stefan
    Stefan Published |

    i have a problem i would like to show just one author and not a list of authors…how create this ?? can i delete the loop (foreach)?? and i would like to display extra fields with the plugin register plus can you help me…


  32. Paul
    Paul Published |

    This is great.

    But I cannot get pagination to work. So there is just too many authors on one page.

    Is it too much trouble for you to post the code that would get the All Authors template to use the same pagination as normal posts.


    1. hoss9009
      hoss9009 Published |

      @Paul, did you get the pagination to work? I can’t seem to get mine to work either.

  33. neuville
    neuville Published |

    Nice hack, thank you.

    I’m using it on my website, just a question: since I have more than 500 users, is there a way to paginate them?

    Thanks again for the hack,

  34. Max
    Max Published |

    Hi Justin,

    thanks a lot for this great script. Could you please also explain how to add pagination to it?

    The thing is that I have hundreds of authors, and it is not very handy to display them all on one page. Thanks a lot in advance for your reaction.

  35. Samantha Armacost
    Samantha Armacost Published |

    I have been scouring the internet for this exact post. I was just about to break down and try to code my own “authors loop,” thanks so much for this very useful bit of code!

  36. Mathias Jespersen
    Mathias Jespersen Published |

    @Justin, great author template – just what I was looking for.

    @Katherine – very nice tweak indeed.

    Thank you all.

  37. annaba1
    annaba1 Published |

    Hi! This is very useful! Thanks!
    Just a question… Is it possible to order the authors by last name? I tried to use
    “ORDER BY last_name” but it don’t work…

    Thank you

  38. Jovan
    Jovan Published |

    Is there a way to order by AIM, as well? I’m thinking not, because I’ve checked my database and there’s no clear field where that content would be..

  39. Surf the Mind » Wordpress Stuff for a Membership Site
  40. Lisa
    Lisa Published |

    Great tutorial. Is there anyway to add this to a current page under the content?

  41. Deepesh Divakaran
    Deepesh Divakaran Published |

    That was an awesome tutorial. Very well written. I made an authors page for my site, I was not sure how to get the templates working, and this helped me out.
    Thanks a lot again.

  42. dylan
    dylan Published |


    I got this working but I was wondering if there was a way to display an author page where the user had posted to certain categories.


  43. Sasa Stefanovic
    Sasa Stefanovic Published |

    Easy one for me, and i put randomly generated list by editing db query, so instead of “ORDER BY user_nicename” i put “ORDER BY rand()” and that’s it. I have one question, and that’s how can i get in author list number of posts by author. I can do this on single page on author box, and on author page (like site.com/author/foo) but here i cant get it to work.

  44. Andy
    Andy Published |

    Thanks heaps for this Justin.

    Perfectly explained…clearly and simply!

  45. Dennis
    Dennis Published |

    Just what I was looking for. I am pretty new to Wordpress and this really helped me find a solution fast. YOU ROCK!

  46. Samuel
    Samuel Published |

    Thank you for the code, it is excellent. I am trying to get this to sort the users by last name, but whenever I change user_nicename to last_name it fails. Any thoughts?
    By the way, I get an error page when I try to access your forum.

  47. hoss9009
    hoss9009 Published |

    Does anything change with this setup w/ wp_users_query?

  48. Sanjay
    Sanjay Published |


    I have listed all authors on my page. But now what I want to do is when I click on one author it should take me to that author’s individual page.

    Now it is taking me eg. example.com/author/test-author (Here author name is test author). But what code should I put in so it displays this particular author’s information.?

    So how can I do that? It would be a great help.

    Thank you


  49. Pablo
    Pablo Published |

    hello Justin!

    thank you for all the great info you have posted.

    I have a question regarding the text background for the authors page. I inserted the following code:

    to place a white-ish background behind the author info text, but the background stretches all the way up past the header and covers the menu tabs. I was wondering if you could provide some insight on how to keep the background for the text just behind the Page title and the info that follows


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