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  1. The Dude Dean
    The Dude Dean Published |


  2. rgregory
    rgregory Published |

    Sounds great but very personal. Why not have a section in the settings where you can add quotes to the quote db? This would let people feel more a part of it.

  3. Charlie
    Charlie Published |

    Is the example you show the actual size of the quote or is the size flexible? If so, probably would have been a good idea to show actual practical uses … or site blogs that use it.

  4. Dennis
    Dennis Published |

    I am looking for a clean and ite magazine style theme for wordpress without too many function calls, any suggestions?. thanks in advance 🙂

  5. cardiogirl
    cardiogirl Published |

    I have no clue what “Station” means, but I shall commence using it as a joyous expletive to replace such words as Sweet and Cool!

    Thank you The Dude Dean.

  6. Pat
    Pat Published |

    I don’t wanna spam or anything, I just wanted to say,
    You guys can always use the quotes from our new db if you like.

    …as long as you give us a back-link to our site on the quotes, fair?


  7. Pat
    Pat Published |

    Copyright? these great words of wisdom belong to the world my friend.
    I am not fishing for backlinks, I just wanted to share.
    I then feel its pretty fair to give a link back to my site for doing it,
    but that how I look at it.


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