November 2005

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I Just Had To Post An Entry

Yes, I should have already gotten in bed. But, what am I thinking? I have no clue. I was going clean out some old files and see if any of them were worth salvaging, and I just got to reading through a whole lot of junk. Then, I realized I’m … Continue reading →

A Harsh Realization & 2 More Weeks

I have finally come to the harsh realization that I will not be able to finish my novel in the next 2 days for NaNoWriMo. I simply have not got the time to finish off the next 25,000 words or so. I mean, it took me this long to make … Continue reading →

Thanksgiving Week Wrap-Up

There’s so much to say, I don’t even know where to get started. First off, I haven’t abandoned you avid readers. I have been away for a while, which you would know if you do actually read the posts on the site. I did write a couple of posts in … Continue reading →

Ethnography, The Gatekeepers, & Creek Hill

Another day gone by. Another late night. It’s definitely time for me to go to bed. I worked on my ethnography project for a couple of hours tonight, and I was completely ticked off by something I had forgotten to do. I had saved my work on the Peavy family … Continue reading →

The Gatekeepers

I have decided to write in my little notepad my entries for my website. This way I can keep posting on the happenings of Thanksgiving week and then post them up when I get back to the luxury of my own home. I didn’t really feel like writing much tonight … Continue reading →

Quick Post

I just had to make a quick post for whatever people that actually visit this site. I will be out of town for a few days and will not be posting. Sorry I didn’t get the next chapter of the novel put up. I had the Iron Bowl this weekend, … Continue reading →

Chapter 5: Going Back

You know what? I’m up to 12,753 words in my novel! Okay, not that exciting, but I’m getting there. Tonight I will be posting up Chapter 5: Going Back, for you to read. Keep in mind, as always, the grammar and sentence structure may be a bit shaky, and try … Continue reading →


What a day! And I don’t mean What a day! It was great!, but I mean What a day, it was long and hard and seemed to suck all the life I had left in me! I, literally spent 10 1/2 hours on campus today. I went from 9:00 am … Continue reading →

Another Useless Post On A Useless Site

And Bla Bla Bla. My mind has been completely drained. Maybe I just need a week of good, solid rest. I’ve almost made the site completely XHTML. That’s right. And I’ve cleaned out some of the PHP involved with integrating the Wordpress into my site. I think the code runs … Continue reading →