November 2005

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The No Blog

I’m not really blogging right now. Life Sucks! There goes! Nah, I just felt like I needed to write something in this little area. I’m off to bed. Hopefully, when I wake up, I’ll be a more creative person. … Continue reading →

Chapter 4: The Last Night Of Their Lives

That’s right! Brand new chapter awaiting. I made it somewhere around 3,000 words. I know, I know, the chapters are kind of short at the moment. But this one had to be. It is a flashback to a high school party and…Well, I don’t want to give it all away. … Continue reading →

Gray Hair By Semester's End

Yes, another late night for me. Hmmm. Those seem to be happening rather frequently don’t they? At least I’ve made it past the midpoint of the week without breaking. I suppose I’ll have to thank the gods for that one. Or rather yet, thank the 4 hours of shuteye that … Continue reading →

Independent, Free, & Wild

What a night! Let me tell you! I have been writing on my novel for the most part of it. I rewrote Chapter one into a first-person point of view. I completely erased half of Chapter 2 and finished it up. Then, I capped off a good 2,500 words on … Continue reading →

Coffee Or No Coffee, I Will Write Like A Madman

Where has the time gone? I have spent 6 hours of my night reading away at Ian McEwan’s Atonement and Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. And, I still haven’t finished the reading assigment for either one of them. Forty more pages in McEwan’s novel and 60 in King’s. I don’t even … Continue reading →

Greg Campbell

You know what? I forgot to blog last night. I remembered putting together a draft, but I forgot to post it. So just read the next chapter in my novel. I think it’s a pretty good chapter. I’m starting to get some ideas now about where to go with the … Continue reading →

Creek Hill

Okay, I really need to go to bed tonight. It’s just been a short weekend. My mom decided to come up Friday afternoon to visit because of a miscommunication between her and my sister. Which, in turn, led her to believe that this was the weekend that she was supposed … Continue reading →

Blogging To Blog

I guess I’m just blogging to blog. Not any particular thing going on, except I need to get some sleep because I’ve got to get up and be at work at 10:00. Well, there is a few things going on, but honestly, I just don’t feel like typing it down … Continue reading →

The Tater Creek Driveway

I was going to wait until later to post, since I usually post right before I go to bed. It kind of gives me closure for the day. I can say all the things I need to say, and get it all off of my mind. But, I wanted to … Continue reading →

Essay #2 Complete

What a long night. A long day, in fact. I finished up my Contemporary British Lit paper at around 12:00 am. I had it all, mostly, written last night. I just needed to cover all my mistakes in sentence structure, you know, make it look purty and all. I feel … Continue reading →