August 2006

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One Class On Friday

I’m trying this new thing—going to bed at a decent hour. I actually got in bed a little after 9:00 last night. Of course, I won’t quite make that kind of timing tonight, but I’m about to get under the sheets. I do have good news. I only have one … Continue reading →

Somebody, Someday

I’m not much in a blogging mood tonight. However, I will leave you with my second exercise for Fiction Writing I. It’s not quite a full-blown short story, but it is little story you may enjoy. Somebody, Someday Athens, Alabama. I just stopped to get some coffee and go to … Continue reading →

A Coach, A Prayer, & A Forgotten Amendment

As I said last night, I wanted to comment on the article, Coach Had A Prayer. I’m not going to summarize the entire article right here. But, the gist of it calls into question whether a high school coach can pray with his team. The ruling decided was that Borden … Continue reading →

Finished Amy's Website

It was a long weekend, but I finished putting the pieces of Amy’s website together. I’m happy with the results of the design mostly. It has made me reconsider how I structure my website. So, I might have a lot of housecleaning to do if I decide to do a … Continue reading →

Amy's Trying Out For American Idol

I guess I have to make a post about this. My sister is trying out for American Idol. Well, she is leaving next Thursday for Memphis. I just got her a website last night, Amy N Russell. I would’ve posted it up then, but my database was screwing up again. … Continue reading →

I don’t know what’s going on with the boys over at Yahoo Webhosting, but it is really starting to tick me off.

Event Staff Job Probably Won't Work Out

There’s always a multitude of topics I can discuss at the end of the day; but, as usual, I have failed to leave myself adequate time to post about them before going to bed. I will, however, talk about my new job with the CSC Event Staff. Today was the … Continue reading →

Just a quick note. I’ve now went beyond that magic number of 200 on posts in my blog. Of course, I still have a few more months worth of posts to add to my Old Blogs.

Another Post About Site Problems

Okay, now my database seems to up and running fine. It did go down for a few minutes earlier tonight. It was enough minutes to make me go ahead and purchase a hosting account with Site5. I’m thinking of transferring my site to them, but I haven’t decided yet. I … Continue reading →

I guess the good ol’ boys at Yahoo got the job done.