Livin’ the dream!

Sex, Drugs, & A Lost Wallet

I think when I woke up this morning I had something of an epiphany. Mostly, because of my entire weekend and how it unfolded, and of my declining view of the sex, drugs, and techno-music culture. Okay, we don’t particularly listen to techno, seeing as how I reside in Alabama. … Continue reading →

Why Am I Tortured?

I’m bored. Yes, I said bored. Once again, I’m up late and thinking to myself that life is passing by and I forgot to hop on the train. I think I spend more time dreaming of action, adventure, romance, and drama than I spend doing something about it. Maybe I … Continue reading →

Unobtainable Highs

I think my head has been in another place, away from the rest of me, these last few days. I get so emotionally wrapped up when I watch a new series on DVD. Mostly, the characters and plots just make me wonder what my life would’ve been like if I … Continue reading →

Drowning In My Own Mind

It’s time for bed. Yep. That’s basically all I need to say and hop on under the sheets, or crawl under the comforter, seeing as how that’s the only thing on my bed at the moment. Ol’ big cousin Shannon let me borrow his One Tree Hill first season on … Continue reading →


I definitely have lots and lots of stuff I can blog about.Looks like I’ll be heading home tomorrow. My Aunt Barbara passed away Friday at 7:15 am. It’s been a good while coming. She had cancer. I believe it was bone cancer, because they had gotten rid of the breast … Continue reading →

iPod & Dreams of a 1000 Song Playlist

I’ve been researching up on the Apple iPod Mini tonight. These things just seem neat. I’ve owned an mp3 player for a few years and never really used it. It just used up its batteries in like 5 hours and was a little bulky for my tastes. I had got … Continue reading →

Buffy, Angel, Dawson, & Lack of Sleep

I received my Angel soundtrack, Live Fast, Die Never and my Buffy soundtrack, Once More With Feeling, today. Both, very good. Of course, I’ve heard the Buffy soundtrack like a gazillion times. The Angel soundtrack is great. One of my all-time favorite soundtracks now. Speaking of which, I’ve almost forgot … Continue reading →

A Neverending Theme Plus Life & Stuff

I’m 21 years old. Twenty-one. I get this feeling, sometimes, that life is just passing me by. There’s so many things I would like to do within my lifetime. I think a lot of it is just that whole seeing-young-celebs-become-famous-before-I-do-thing. Even still, I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything in … Continue reading →