Media Haul (October 2022)

October had some pretty sweet releases. With not much in the way of movies, I focused primarily on TV seasons that I wanted to catch up on. Here are the titles that I snagged this month: Top Gun: Maverick - BD UHD La Brea: Season 1 - BD HD The … Continue reading →

Media Haul (September 2022)

For someone who collects a lot of physical media, I don’t seem to share enough about my hobby here on the blog. Well, that’s about to change. I’m not very good about keeping up with any sort of regular series, but I will make something like a promise to share … Continue reading →

2022-2023 Network TV Schedule

It is nearing one of my favorite times of year once again: autumn. With plans to reprogram my outdoor OTA antenna this afternoon in anticipation of the upcoming network TV season, I thought it was time to share my to-watch schedule. If I’m being honest, I didn’t make it far … Continue reading →

2021-2022 Network TV Schedule

Gearing up for football season, I recently hooked up my outdoor antenna in the new home. The ViewTV antenna I bought in 2018 is still going strong. I’ve gone through the past year without access to network TV, but I have also been settling into a new home for most … Continue reading →

2019-2020 network TV schedule

It’s that time of the year again. A new TV season is upon us. With some shows beginning to air this week, I thought it best to post my “to watch” schedule for the fall. Unlike last year, I’ve pared my list down to a handful of shows. One reason … Continue reading →

2018-2019 Network TV Review

At the end of the summer, I start making a list of all the shows I’m going to watch in the new fall-spring TV season. There’s an excitement in the air with all the potential new stories to come. Some shows live to get another season out of me. Other … Continue reading →

Winter 2018-2019 network TV schedule

The fall network TV season is coming to an end. Shows are taking their mid-season breaks while families enjoy the holidays. For me, I’ve been more in a reading mood lately anyway, so it’s a nice to have a break from my regular shows. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed … Continue reading →

2018-2019 network TV schedule

It’s premiere night at my house tonight, which means it’s time to break out the pizza and soda. With the season premieres of The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, and Manifest, I thought it was time to share my 2018-2019 network TV schedule. One of my favorite things to do … Continue reading →

About a Girl

When Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville premiered, I wasn’t impressed. The show was flat, the jokes didn’t seem to land, and the plot was mediocre. At best, I figured Fox (who is notorious for pulling the plug on good sci-fi) might give this new series a half-season run before shutting down … Continue reading →

Post-Graduation Week

I graduated last week — Thursday, May 10. It was one of the most boring experiences of my life. I don’t even remember half the ceremony. I may have fell asleep a few times. I happened not to sleep the night before. I was just so wired. But, when that … Continue reading →