WordPress Themes

Good & Evil WordPress theme release

I’ve finally finished the Options theme style that many users have waited for — a dark theme with beautiful typography set on a white background.

New WordPress.org theme directory

I just stopped by WordPress Extend to find a few “ideas” to rate down, which is part of my nightly routine. Tonight, I was a bit surprised to see that there was a new WordPress Themes Directory.

Got options?

No, this isn’t another post promoting my Options theme. It’s about theme options pages. Anybody that’s used one of my themes knows about the all-important theme options page, or, as I like to call it, the theme settings page.

Project M

I’ve done a lot of talking about this mysterious project for quite some time. I know a few of you are ready to hear what it’s all about. In a very small nutshell—it’s a WordPress theme club.

Options WordPress theme version 1.2 release

What’s new in this version? I think the real question is, “What isn’t?” I’ve completely revamped the theme from the ground up while keeping most CSS classes and IDs intact.