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  1. Michael
    Michael Published |

    I just downloaded your widgets reloaded-plugin and wow, it makes things really useful now. However: Shouldn’t this plugin replace WP’s own widgets? Well, it does not: I still can see my WP-categories-widget…

  2. Amine
    Amine Published |

    Hey Justin,

    I’ve upgraded to WP 2.7 and tried your theme upgrades but for some reason they are all not working for me. The wp2.6+ versions of Visionary, Structure and Hybrid all work but the latest 2.7+ simply display all my text with no formatting and the preview image in the wp theme chooser is not displayed while the theme name and description are. I’ve been struggling with this for the past 10hrs uploading the files and trying again with no success….

    I’m probably doing something extremely silly but it seems like the stylesheets and preview images are not detected or something…but strangely enough for all three themes while the previous versions all work…

    thanks so much for such great themes and for your help!

  3. Amine
    Amine Published |

    Oh there is even a support forum, perfect, thanks!

  4. Jauhari
    Jauhari Published |

    Get The Image is Rock and I really love it 😉

  5. Susan
    Susan Published |

    Get the Image – is a pretty handy plugin.

  6. WordPress Watch » Blog Archive » Justin Tadlock - WordPress Plugin and Theme Updates
  7. Gary
    Gary Published |

    Thanks Justin. I manage a few blogs and have only recently started using the Hybrid theme. I am now hooked – it is the ‘way forward’ for me!

  8. Dean Saliba
    Dean Saliba Published |

    Very cool plugins. 🙂

    I liked the Old School theme also. 🙂

  9. Web Design Liverpool
    Web Design Liverpool Published |

    Excellent topic thanks for sharing. I’ve recently been using WP 2.7 and it’s brilliant, i particularly like the widgets reloaded plugin that you’ve recommended.

  10. Product Quality Reviews Guy
    Product Quality Reviews Guy Published |

    Thanks for the info, Justin. I’m just making the move to WP and I’m trying to get/absorb as much info as possible. This certainly helps!

  11. Momekh
    Momekh Published |

    A lot of updates, guess you’ve been working overtime on this 🙂
    Thanks for such great work, man.
    I have just finished my first child theme for the Hybrid framework, it is up at my blog (blog.momekh.com) …
    Would be converting all of my blogs (well, all three of em) to Hybrid now, given that you have the news Hybid out now 😉

  12. blogpok
    blogpok Published |

    Hi Justin. This theme is very cool. By the way, I have one problem. It can’t support Amazon auto item plugin. Please help. thank you

  13. Los Angeles Web Design
    Los Angeles Web Design Published |

    You’re such an angel Justin! You are making our lives easier by providing these themes and I thank you for that. I like the Hybrid News theme and it is really a professional look.

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