September 2006

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The Fall

I don’t know what it is about the fall that makes me want to write so much. Maybe it’s that long break over the summer in which I do next to nothing. Getting excited about school again. And trust me, I do get excited about school when fall semester kicks … Continue reading →

School Of Dreams

There are more and more books coming out each year that try and uncover what it means to be a public high school student today. Edward Humes does this beautifully, but he takes a different route. He goes into the heart of one of the nation’s top schools, Whitney High, … Continue reading →

The 30 Hour Day

There isn’t enough time in the day. I can tell it’s already going to be a long week for me. Wednesday, I have an article due for Newswriting, which I spent about an hour working on tonight. Thursday, I need to have a rough draft of a short story for … Continue reading →

Tuesdays With Morrie

Every now and then a person comes along that inspires more than just a close-knit group of people around, they inspire the world, or at least a part of it. This person was Morrie. I was surprised to see that this book was copyrighted in 1997. Nine years have gone … Continue reading →

Cell Phone Tracking

I cannot get sleepy for some reason. Well, I know that has something to do with the six hours I clocked early last night. I went to bed at about 6:30 p.m. and woke back up at around 12:30 a.m. I was just so tired from yesterday, from the whole … Continue reading →

The Grandfather Paradox

I’ve recently been flipping through the pages of Black Holes, Wormholes & Time Machinesby Jim Al-Khalili while I’m “working” at the library. One thing that I found interesting is the grandfather paradox. For those of you who do not understand what the grandfather paradox is, explains it— Suppose you … Continue reading →

Deciding On My Fall TV Lineup

As mentioned in my post Fall TV On DVD, fall TV is upon us. I’m currently trying to decide what shows I’m going to watch this upcoming season, and I need to make a decision soon. Right now, I have four shows on my list: Smallville: Thursday, September 28, 7:00 … Continue reading →

Angels & Demons

Dan Brown. He’s the guy that finally got me interested in reading again. I picked up his The Da Vinci Code in the late summer after a two month break from reading any novels. He’s a thrill writer. He’s the kind of writer that makes you remember what reading is … Continue reading →

Fall TV On DVD

Fall TV is upon us. For those of you like me that means TV on DVD, probably the greatest invention in my lifetime. Forget the future when we’ll all be in flying cars with no need for gas and have robotic maids. TV on DVD is and will forever be … Continue reading →

SAT Writing: Colorful Vs. Formulaic

I read an article in Time tonight titled How I Did on the SAT. I have been interested in what the SAT is like now with the additional writing portion that I didn’t have to take. What surprised me the most was John Cloud’s assesment that “the essay readers reward … Continue reading →