February 2022

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I continue to enjoy soft pastels and their ease of laying down color. It is sort of like being a kid again with the messiness of the medium but an adult-like version that allows the creation of something akin to decent art. I followed through with another tutorial, this time … Continue reading →

Colors of Kindness

After trying oil pastels, a medium I had not attempted since my formative years, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to dive into something that I really had not used in ages: color crayons. Yes, those wax crayons that we all learn to use in our youth. I had an old … Continue reading →


In keeping with the spirit of experimenting with various mediums in my journey as an artist, I tried oil pastels tonight. I received these as part of a beginner’s artist set during my school years. I remember trying them once or twice, but I had no idea how they worked. … Continue reading →

Lake Blossoms

After the eight-day run it took to finish the sun and moon drawing for my sister, I needed a break from big projects. That is one of the reasons I am happy to have recently discovered the joy of working with soft pastels. I can work through a 9“x12“ sized … Continue reading →

Sun and Moon

My sister asked if I would draw a sun and moon picture. I had no idea what she was talking about, so I asked for some examples. Eventually, I pulled up some source material to work from. The style was a bit outside my wheelhouse, but I felt like it … Continue reading →

Colorful Walk

I have some larger art projects in mind that I’ve been itching to get to, but I’m also trying to avoid burnout after wrapping up a colored-pencil drawing earlier in the week. I still wanted to do something this weekend as long as it didn’t eat up too much time. … Continue reading →

Pastel Night

As I was doing my weekly grocery and household shopping, I wandered over to the arts and crafts isle in Walmart. It is part of my routine. I look around, mostly “window shop,” and sometimes pick up a thing or two. Today, a $5+ set of 12 soft pastels caught … Continue reading →

Diary Girl

This was the drawing that nearly done me in. Day 1 started off horribly. It was almost as if I had forgotten how to sketch anything at all. Nothing seemed to work out, and I was ready to throw in the towel and start something new the next day. But, … Continue reading →