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  1. Susan
    Susan Published |

    Wow, nice work to stay on your plan for so long. I am hitting the gym to rebuild after a prolonged bout with chronic fatigue from which I have recovered over the last year. I think I will start a wardrobe fund-great idea. Some rewards for keeping on are a great idea.

  2. Richard
    Richard Published |

    As a life time dieter I know there are two milestones you must reach.
    1. Reach the goal weight.
    2. Keep it off for life so the second milestone is not achieved until we take our last breath.

  3. Al
    Al Published |

    That’s awesome man. Keep it up! I find that keeping statistics is a great motivator for me so if you are interested here a couple of sites I started using recently…haven’t decided which to use yet so am using both.
    fleetly.com and fitocracy.com
    I mentioned before that I also use the Nike+ system which was great until I started to have trouble with my knee. And now that I may finally be getting back into my running I am having trouble with the nike+ website.
    Here is what I am trying at the moment:
    Very interesting for people who are enjoying running.

  4. Michael
    Michael Published |

    Thanks for “cm” and “kg”. Finally I know what you are talking about 😉

  5. Andrea_R
    Andrea_R Published |

    This is awesome! You should definitely be proud. 🙂

  6. Chris
    Chris Published |

    Great Job! I is always amazing to see such great progress when people just make consistent and simple changes to their routine!

    I love your simple diet plan as well. Animal, veggie, and water! I do the same thing and it works wonders!

    Good luck with the squat routine!

  7. mercime
    mercime Published |

    Congratulations on losing 77lbs+ so far. Very cool. 🙂

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  9. deniseselah
    deniseselah Published |

    congrats!!! as someone who keeps ‘falling off the wagon’ – I wanted to give you kudos, props, etc. for sticking with it. you should be PROUD!

  10. Joel
    Joel Published |

    Great work! It takes some determination to make a life change like that but the more you do, the more you want to do. I ended up losing 60 pounds in the last 8 months similarly. Good job and good luck with the next 10 weeks!

  11. Nicholas
    Nicholas Published |

    Good work man, those are some solid number, it takes dedication, and discipline to continue to work at a goal, especially when it comes to physique since we get lazy, tired, feel that we have better things to do, etc. Keep up the good work, I am extremely in tune with my body, and I know how it is to constantly work towards a physical goal. I was working on beating the bench press record for my weight class 160lbs, and unfortunately injured both of my shoulders severely, it is quite discouraging but I know myself, and its all about putting in work!

  12. Jack
    Jack Published |

    Hahah , even i started gym a year back , i was 101 kg that time , what i decided that time is to lose atleast 15kg , to look fit but now after 8 to 10 months i am 98. The main reason after this is i have had done nothing with my diet …

    Any way you have done good job .

  13. Angela
    Angela Published |

    Hi Justin,

    A friend told me about your health goals, and I’m excited to read your blog. I’ve been so sucked into late-night WordPress website work, that I have gotten in bad habits, too, gained weight, stopped working out, etc.

    I’ll be watching your blog with interest, and just wanted to cheer you on! Web development is like this black hole, and we need balance in our lives to keep from getting sucked in.

    I’m back to running w/ 1/2 marathon goal for next October! I need to work meal planning/prep into my routine, and have my Parental Controls on my Macbook set to log me off at 9:30 every night! (I just have to make sure my “admin” doesn’t log me back in 🙂


  14. Kev
    Kev Published |

    Hi Justin from the UK.
    I stumbled across your blog and recognised some of the goals you have set out to achieve as being very similar to my own particularly the references to Pizza and Soda ! (albeit we tend to call Soda,”Coke” “Pepsi” “Fanta” etc over here but the impact on the waistline is the same !).Congratulations on your success to date, you will surely need some steely determination over the Christmas period ! As they say, a definition of madness is to keep doing things the same way and to expect a different outcome.With this in mind, I tinkered with my own diet and fitness regime a few months back and small changes can bring great success and a feeling of wellbeing which has a positive knock-on factor into all parts of your life .You deserve a huge pat on the back for religiously sticking to your workouts and I will certainly draw some inspiration from that.Here`s to continued success and I look forwarding to following you on your journey.

  15. Андрей
    Андрей Published |

    Hello, Justin! My name is Andrew and never had any problems with excess weight. All the clue is sports, eternal moving to and fro and the mental activity. I know that very big role in this case play genes and you won`t be thick if the nature not predetermined you so. But still. It`s very hard to go back from the worst. And you did a tremendous work. To keep the shape you need you`ve just need to think right way. Day by day repeat exercises that brought you to success and improve your motility. Remember: it`s hard to begin, it`s easier to stay on.

  16. Betty
    Betty Published |

    Hello Justin,

    congratulations to you for your enormous loss of weight, very impressive.
    I have gained 20 kilo weight in the last two years. At the moment, I loose my breath when I walk up some stairs, so you are a real inspiration to regain one’s health.


  17. Chuck Cribbs
    Chuck Cribbs Published |

    Your 1RM for squat and dead lift are impressive considering you are also a runner. Usually those two don’t go together. I don’t run (jog) but I do sprints occasionally while doing a lot of squats. Excellent work. You are inspiring.


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