April 2004

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Monday, April 19, 2004

Good Evening, oh so avid readers…I’ve just been sitting around watching “Angel: Season 1” on DVD. Well, that’s because I’ve already finished the 2nd season that I bought the other day. That’s what I’ve been doing most of the weekend. Of course, I haven’t wrote since Thursday. After that, I … Continue reading →

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Good Morning, Everyone! I’m quite tired this morning. I just got up like twenty minutes ago. Good news! I only have two more classes left this week! Yay! And I haven’t missed a single one all week. So, I’ll be making it a perfect week now. Like anyone actually wanted … Continue reading →

Wednesday, April 14, 2oo4

Okay! This isn’t the time when I said I would blog, but, oh well…I just didn’t feel up to it earlier today. I’ve been watching “Buffy” most of the morning. I’ve just been watching the 1st season on DVD, since I’m anxiously awaiting the 6th season. I guess I’ll have … Continue reading →

Tuesday, April 13, 2oo4

Hey! My second blog here on the new site! Woo-Hoo! Alright…I would’ve wrote earlier this morning, but I’ve been working on a Hospitality Law paper. Boy! Will I be glad when this term is over. Teachers always wait until the end of the term to hit you with all the … Continue reading →

Monday, April 12, 2oo4

Hello World! This will be my first official blog here my website www.DARK-AUTUM.com! Yay for me! Like anyone actually reads this stuff…I just got up like an hour ago, so I’m still fairly sleepy. I’ve transferred my other two sites over here: The Sunnydale Journal & The People’s Website Choice … Continue reading →

Sunday, April 11, 2oo4

Well. Well. Well….I just got through watching “Gothika.” It was alright. Not quite as good as I thought it would be. And I also saw “Matrix Revolutions” earlier tonight. I know. I know it’s kind of late to be seeing it. But after the “Reloaded” I wasn’t sure I ever … Continue reading →

Friday, April 9, 2oo4

Hello…All…I’m just sitting around on the internet, like I usually am at this time in the morning. I’ve been trying to finish up a math take-home test, but it’s a little complicated. A TAKE-HOME TEST! Those are supposed to be the easy ones. Oh well. I’ve already failed the in-class … Continue reading →

Thursday, April 8, 2oo4

I’m Back! Woo-hoo! Anyways, I’ve been working a lot on The Sunnydale Journal here lately. Sorry for not having too many new ideas for the site. So I’m actually kind of merging them together, but not really together. This is more of my daily thing, and that’s more of my … Continue reading →

Thursday, April 8, 2oo4

Once Again…I’m back. That will make it the second time today. I just wanted to post the fact that I have a new ANNUAL CALENDAR. I’ve been working on it for a while. I got the code from the The Javascript Source. It works quite well. I’ve just been configuring … Continue reading →

Wednesday, April 7, 2oo4

I probably failed my Precal Alg/Trig Test yesterday. Yep…Bombed it big time! At least half of it is a take home test, which is due Friday. I pretty much have to make like 100% on it to even pass the test altogether. Oh well…Guess I’ll have to do better next … Continue reading →